Unified Platforms

Our systems are designed to prioritize the user, making it easier to utilise all products in an integrated manner.


Encom Systems adhere to industry regulations in all regards. Find out more about our policies and procedures.

Planning & Installation

Our expert engineers are involved through the entirety of projects, creating bespoke security to fulfil the requirements of the client, from conception to completion.

Expertise/ Integration expertise

Our expert engineers possess the experience in a broad range of sectors to provide integrated security solutions to a standard of excellence.


Access Control

Electronic Access control offers an effective, convenient and secure way to take care of your building and assets and protect your employees.


Encom partner with Axis to provide a wide range of security cameras. From simple and discreet fixed cameras to the most advanced cameras with the latest Axis Technologies, you will find something to suit your requirements.

Video Management

Video management software (VMS) is an essential part of any surveillance system and allows you to manage and control groups of camera and recording. VMS allows you to view multiple camera feeds, set alerts for tampering and motion detection, review and analyse your recorded video and add a range of apps to bring greater functionality to your system.


Data Centers

Data centers have become an invaluable resource for IT corporations, who require physical spaces to store, power and cool server systems and as a focal point to connect to local communications networks. Encom specialise in the provision of integrated security solutions for data centers, providing tailored security solutions which include services such as Biometric Access, Perimeter Protection, Server Cabinet Access, Tailgating Detection and Large Area Monitoring.

Build To Rent Apartments

Encom provide Integrated Security Solutions for build to rent apartment developments across Ireland. Our expert engineers install and a range of products from our premium suppliers, to provide Access Control, CCTV, Video Management & Intercom services for our valued clients.


There has been unprecedented growth in the pharmaceutical and industrial manufacturing industries over the last two decades, with an estimated global revenue of $1.42 trillion in 2021 alone. This has created opportunities for the development of new production facilities, which require bespoke security solutions to ensure the safeguarding of premises and the protection of the confidentiality of the organization.