The Challange

§ RTE is the national broadcaster for Ireland with media outlets across radio, television and online. Located in South Dublin between Dublin city centre and University College Dublin, the RTÉ headquarters requires a high level of security solutions services due to the public nature of the organisation. From an operational perspective, RTÉ presents unique security challenges because of the varied production and building complexities of the location. Confidentiality is also a priority of the organisation and prior to the installation process, a full review of the location in scope was required to assess the strategic placement of cameras and identify areas that required particular focus for recording purposes.

The Solution

§ Encom Systems assessed the surveillance requirements and coverage areas to determine optimal camera placement, identifying the necessary cabling and networking infrastructure needed to support the cameras and Milestone Systems equipment. Encom Systems performed the installation of Panasonic 4K PTZ cameras and Milestone Systems equipment at RTE, carefully planning the camera placement and network infrastructure, securely mounting the cameras, and connecting them to the Milestone Systems equipment. Encom configured the network settings, installed the necessary software, and conducted testing to ensure proper functionality. Encom Systems provided training to RTE staff and handed over relevant documentation for system operation.


§ Encom Systems and RTE have established a strong and positive relationship. Our partnership reflects a successful and productive cooperation, characterized by effective communication and mutual trust. The ongoing relationship between Encom Systems and RTE is marked by satisfaction and continued support in maintaining the installed equipment and addressing any future needs or requirements.