Gallagher is a company that specializes in providing ATEX (ATmosphères EXplosibles) products for various industries, including the pharmaceutical industry. ATEX is a European directive that deals with the protection of workers and equipment in potentially explosive atmospheres.

In the pharmaceutical industry, where potentially flammable substances or volatile chemicals are handled, it is essential to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment to prevent accidents or explosions. Gallagher offers a range of ATEX-compliant products that meet the required safety standards.


Some examples of Gallagher's ATEX products for the pharmaceutical industry include:


  1. ATEX-rated Lighting:Gallagher provides ATEX-certified lighting solutions suitable for use in hazardous environments. These lighting fixtures are designed to minimize the risk of ignition and provide adequate illumination.
  2. ATEX-rated Enclosures and Junction Boxes:Enclosures and junction boxes play a crucial role in protecting electrical and electronic equipment in hazardous areas. Gallagher offers ATEX-compliant enclosures and junction boxes that provide the necessary level of protection against potential explosions.
  3. ATEX-rated Switches and Sensors:Switches and sensors used in pharmaceutical processes need to meet ATEX standards to ensure safe operations. Gallagher offers ATEX-certified switches and sensors that can be integrated into process control systems while maintaining compliance with safety regulations.
  4. ATEX-rated Ventilation Systems:In pharmaceutical environments where potentially explosive substances are present, proper ventilation is crucial. Gallagher provides ATEX-compliant ventilation systems designed to control the concentration of flammable vapors and reduce the risk of explosions.