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AMAG Technology is an integrated security provider of access control, video management and visitor management solutions. Symmetry™ products give customers a comprehensive end-to-end software platform so users can manage all their security needs while reducing risk and meeting industry compliance. These solutions have been designed and manufactured to meet the most rigorous requirements of multi-national, multi-building and campus environments while still being scalable enough for less complex systems for those buildings only requiring one or two doors and/or cameras.

Encom new partnership from 2020 with AMAG to promote develop and implement their Enterprise solutions in the Irish marketplace.


Mobile Solutions

Mobile access solutions eliminate the expense and headache of supplying physical credentials and allow employees to use their own mobile devices to unlock doors. Frictionless setup simplifies the process and creates a seamless user experience. Setup does not require contact with the badging office, enforcing physical distancing.

Providing touch-free, frictionless solutions in the workplace is easy, cost-effective and helpful in preventing the spread of COVID-19.


Insider Threat

Insider threats range from the careless manager who emails sensitive data to his personal email address to the disgruntled employee who stole client lists and product development plans for a competitor. With such a range of threats, from accidental to malicious, understanding who is working for you is more critical than ever. Collecting the right data in a format that identifies anomalous behavior can prevent data theft, protect employees and preserve intellectual property.



Visitor Management

Understanding who is entering your building is more critical than ever. Manual visitor procedures do not provide the data organizations need to understand who is in their building, how long a person is inside and where they’ve gone. Using technology, mining visitor data is simple, and allows companies to better protect employees, assets and buildings, as well as automate all processes associated with a visitor. Enlist the help of employees to manage visitors, while procuring the data necessary to meet compliance. Improve your visitor’s experience while streamlining traffic flow.