Network Surveillance

Flexible and powerful Network Video (CCTV) Surveillance Solutions enable cost-effective monitoring of people, property and processes. Network Video and audio can be used to conduct remote education or troubleshooting, to take time lapse images of building projects for marketing purposes, to broadcast sights and sounds on a Web site, as a health and safety aid to monitor staff working on remote sites and many other applications. Your network video system can be as simple or as sophisticated as you want it to be.

Network Video explained

In a Network video system, the cameras are connected over a standard Ethernet network such as LAN, WAN or the Internet. Video is either stored on a central computer server/PC, a Network Attached Storage (NAS) unit, or on SD cards inside each camera. A web browser can be used to view live video from a camera.

In order to handle recording and manage cameras and other functionality video management software (VMS) is required. Some systems implement edge storage where the cameras have enough storage capacity built in so no central NVR (network video recorder) is required. A web based application running on a PC or mobile device such as a tablet can view the cameras and copy off the recorded footage as required.

With the progress in the speed and adoption of broadband technologies cloud based services are now becoming available for all organisations. In this scenario recorded footage is stored remote from the site usually in a data centre. This service is ideally suited to installations where business is carried out over a number of locations or where space on site to install an NVR is not available.